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Top 10 Glow in the dark pigment Manufacturers in the World

March 27th, 2023

Glow in the dark pigment, also called Luminous pigment, is a pigment that can reflect light in a dark environment and present a bright light. The history of luminous pigments can be traced back to the early 20th century, when people began to study fluorescent substances. With the deepening of research, the application range of luminous pigments is also expanding.

The principle of glow in the dark pigment is to absorb light energy or activate molecules after being irradiated by ultraviolet or visible light, so that the molecules are in an excited state. When the excited state molecules return to the ground state, energy is released and bright light is emitted. The properties of luminous pigments include bright colors, high brightness, strong durability, good stability, etc., and have very good visual effects at night or in dark environments.

Glow in the dark pigments are widely used, mainly in road signs, emergency signs, decorations and other fields. Glow in the dark pigment materials can be pasted on the surface of objects to form bright patterns, which can effectively improve the visibility of easily identifiable signs at night and ensure safety.

With the progress of society, the demand for luminous pigments continues to grow, and the market scale is also expanding.

Major suppliers in the global glow in the dark pigment market are:
Glow Inc. (USA)
Allureglow USA LLC (United States)
Nemoto Lumi-Materials Company Limited (Japan)
Lightleader Co., Ltd. (South Korea)
Freeport Technologies, Inc. (Belgium)
Innotech Products Limited (UK)
SFXC Special Effects (Netherlands)
Radiant Color NV (Belgium)
Dr. Hönle AG (Germany)
Glowzone Sas (Italy)


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